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“I’ve got a good life and I’ve worked hard for it. And I’m not given up easy.”

Everyone has suffered this year from the virus itself to hospital staff and business owners. One small business man has had enough and took matters into his own hands.

During a news segment on WWMT, a news station in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the anchor bounced the show to a field reporter, Tarvarious Haywood. Haywood planned on reporting about how local restaurants are breaking COVID restrictions after a judge rejected an indoor dining lawsuit.

Before the reporter could even begin, you see a man in the background start to raise his voice. At first, you would think this man is off his rocker and well, maybe he is- but that’s because of how the government has treated him.

Dave Morris, owner of D & R’s Daily Grind Café, immediately went into a speech on camera about how the government has abandoned business owners. The reporter and crew on the scene did a FABULOUS job instead of shutting him down, Haywood invited Morris to speak.

Haywood asked why the man was upset, how it’s hurt his business, and what he thinks business owners should do. Morris passionately explained how the government has abandoned not just him, but all Americans.

The owner backed his complaints by pointing out that stimulus checks could have done a lot more good than it did.

“There was enough money to give every family, every family in this country $20,000 to go home for two months. They chose to give it to special interests, campaign donors, the Kennedy Space Center… and they abandoned us.”

He said he would’ve gladly taken that sum of money to close his business for 60 days to keep the virus away (as would most of us!)


“They put me in a position where I have to fight back.”  

One of the comments under the video says it best, “That’s what a modern American hero looks like.”