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INDIANAPOLIS — Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so how can you celebrate safely and responsibly?

On Thursday, Nov. 12, the CDC suggested having your Thanksgiving celebrations outside this year. However, Thomas Duszynski, Director of Epidemiology Education at the Fairbanks School of Public Health, says while that is technically safer — it’ll also be colder.

“Outdoor activities are much safer than indoor, confined space activities,” Duszynski said. “However, it may become really challenging for people in the northern part of the US, including in Indiana, to do that with the weather.”

As a result, Duszynski says, the safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving is to celebrate with just the people in your household.

“In other words, don’t invite grandma and grandpa over, or the cousins and aunts and uncles and such,” Duszynski said.

As an alternative to seeing your loved ones in person, Duszynski says you can always use video-chatting platforms instead. While it may not feel the same, Duszynski says meeting in person could potentially expose your loved ones to a disease that is not always immediately visible.

“In the state of Indiana, we know that there are up to forty percent asymptomatic infections out there right now,” Duszynski said. “So even if aunt or uncle or somebody appears and feels fine, they may actually be spreading disease.”

The bottom line? Duszynski says wear a mask, practice good hygiene and only celebrate with the people in your household. If you absolutely have to travel, go by car — and don’t make any stops.

You can read the CDC’s Thanksgiving safety guidelines here.