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Looks like it’s time for Wendy’s to dust off and re-work their campaign ads from 1984. This time, however, the spots will feature franchise owners asking their suppliers the question made famous by manicurist and character actor Clara Peller: “Where’s The Beef?” 

Clara Peller

Coronavirus has forced several major US meat processing plants to shut down, but Wendy’s is the first major fast-food chain to get hit by the national beef shortage. One in five restaurants has pulled hamburgers off their menus entirely, according to CNN, while others are opting to restrict customers to single patty burgers.

Costco is limiting customers to three packages of meat apiece, and Kroger has alerted shoppers to limited inventory “due to high demand.” Marsh supermarkets closed down a few years ago, but we’re still not over it.

Please Note: Vegetarians are wagging their fingers and delighting in your beef-less misery today. If you have a vegetarian in your life, be sure to call today and let them know they can go straight to the very bad place.

Worse News: The beef shortage is expected to worsen this month despite President Trump’s executive order last week forcing processing plants to reopen.

Fun Fact: “Where’s The Beef?” was such a massively successful campaign that it actually became a moderately popular card game.

Where's the Beef the Card Game

Funner Fact: Long before Wendy’s became a major player in the fast-food game, there was “Burger Chef,” which started in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1954 and had 1,050 locations at its peak in 1973 – second only to McDonald’s. Then General Foods bought them and screwed the whole thing up.

Burger Chef location in the late 1960s

Please Note: Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas did not respond to multiple requests for comment on this article due to the fact that he is both extremely busy and incredibly dead.

The Chicks on the Right and Producer Rob discuss the national beef disaster in the clip below.