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INDIANAPOLIS — Would having your driver’s license on your phone make life a little bit easier? State Senator Eddie Melton thinks it would.

Sen. Melton (D-Gary) has introduced a bill that would allow you to ask the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for a “mobile driver’s license” to go along with your plastic card.

Instead of digging through your wallet or purse during a traffic stop, you’d be able to pull up your license or state ID card through a smartphone app.

It’s something people in more than a dozen other states can already do, but Sen. Melton wants to make it possible for Hoosiers, too.

“Mobile drivers’ licenses are not only more convenient for Hoosiers; but as we move into a forever growing digital age, we must utilize all the tools that are available to us,” Melton said Tuesday. 

The app would come with several ways to ensure that your personal information stays private, according to Sen. Melton. 

“All information on the app is encrypted, and there are ways to deflect fraudulent actions,” he said. “When you show your license, you will simply press down on the picture, and a seal will display to prove that it’s authentic.”

Sen. Melton presented the bill to a Senate committee Tuesday morning.

If the bill becomes law, the BMV would be tasked with creating and implementing a system to issue the mobile credentials.

Click to read Senate Bill 182 on the Indiana General Assembly’s website.

(Photo by LDProd/Thinkstock.)