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Violent crime dropped considerably in the first months of 2024 compared to the same time last year, according to statistics released Monday by the FBI. (above)

Tony Katz:

Does anything as reported show you that violent crime is down? I’m not saying it isn’t and I want it to be. I don’t think we’re a better, you know, ohh, we can win the election if violent crime is up, is a very messed up philosophy. But I’m looking around. It’s every day, the stories of people just being randomly attacked in New York, women being randomly attacked. All of a sudden this doesn’t. Does this not make it in? And this is my question, am I gonna find on November 6th, the day after the election, the “ohh, yeah, we forgot to carry the two. Actually, everything’s up by a percent and a quarter.” You tell me, “Tony, that is so cynical,” and I say to you, Yep, that’s what the institutions have done to me. They have made themselves completely unbelievable and non-believable.


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Tony continues:

According to Merrick Garland, the attorney general, this is about a serious investment in combating crime. Do we see a serious investment in combating crime? We see prosecutors not prosecuting. Is it possible that not prosecuting crimes changes the numbers?

Double Homicide

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Tony continues:

But what happens when you have a society that doesn’t actually prosecute? It doesn’t go after what happens at that moment. How does one deal with the situation? I think my questions are legit question. I do not know if I can trust these numbers.


NYPD investigates scene of shooting in East Elmhurst, Queens

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Tony continues:

Here’s my issue. 15% of New York City hotel rooms are occupied by illegal aliens. Every day in New York City, it is another story about attacks on cops. I shouldn’t say every day, far too often there, that would be more, more appropriate far too often. Another story about an attack on a cop. Another story about, as I said, someone being punched. Another story about theft. Another story about vagrancy. Another story. And another story and another story. You have 15% of the hotel rooms. Completely taken up by illegal immigrants, the average room in New York average hotel room is over $300.00 a night. That’s crazy town that hurts tourism in a great, great way that creates resentment. Eric Adams, the mayor of New York, has got himself problems. And I bring up what’s happening in New York because it’s only a matter of time. It’s only a matter of time. Why would I think that the buses out of Texas aren’t going to find their way to Indianapolis? Why would I not expect this?

New York City Mayor Eric Adams...

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Tony continues:

What do you think Joe Hogsett’s gonna do? We‘re gonna now take our hotel. We don’t have enough hotel rooms as it is… We don’t have enough hotel rooms as it is. Could you imagine 15 percent, 15% of the hotel rooms taken up?… You don’t think that that 15% leads to a higher crime rate? Yet the FBI is telling me that it’s lower.

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In summation:

The question is how do you calculate? And then, of course, how do you manipulate? And you say to me, “Tony, that’s cynical.” And I say to you, if you think I‘m going to trust this DOJ. At all. Believe any number they just put out. You’re out of your head and anybody just trusting the number as opposed to asking how you get to the number is out of their mind. You don’t just trust a number. You don’t just trust the agency. They’ve lost that. They will be checked, double checked and rechecked. And Merrick Garland doesn’t like it. I don’t give a damn. Screw him. Check, double check, recheck, trust, but verify. I don’t think the numbers make sense. I don’t think what we‘re seeing at the southern border, the numbers make sense. I want the numbers and the decrease in violent crime to be real. I just don’t believe it. Show me the data please.

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