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Larry Bird Museum

Source: WISH-TV

TERRE HAUTE, Ind.–The Larry Bird Museum opens Friday in Terre Haute, but special guests got an exclusive preview of it on Thursday.

The museum celebrates Bird’s heritage as an Indiana State University men’s basketball player and his NBA playing career as a member of the Boston Celtics where he won three NBA Championships. Bird also went on to coach the Indiana Pacers from 1997-2000. He was the NBA Coach of the Year in 1998 and he led the team to the NBA Finals in 2000. He would later become a part of the Pacers front office and was named the NBA’s Executive of the Year in 2012.

He still helps out the Pacers as a consultant.

“I’m a shy introvert. How in the heck do I keep getting up on here on stage talking to thousands of people?” said Bird at an outdoor ceremony commemorating the museum in Terre Haute Thursday.

Bird hopes the museum will make an impact on the younger generation.

“I know there will be thousands of young kids. If just one of them gets a feeling to do something not only in basketball, but other sports and is successful at it, then it’s done its job,” said Bird.

Bird reflected on the 1979 Indiana State men’s basketball team that made the NCAA Championship game and lost to to Michigan State.

“We never thought we’d get there. We didn’t even talk about it. We just took it one game a time. The next thing you know we got there and then we thought we were going to win. It’s just unfortunate that we played against a better team that day,” said Bird.

The staff at the museum say you can explore rare memorabilia, iconic jerseys, interactive exhibits, as well as never-before-seen interviews with coaches, teammates, and rivals throughout Bird’s career.

The museum will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but open Wednesdays through Sundays. You can read more about what the museum has to offer here.