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Kyle Larson at Phoneix

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PHOENIX, Ariz. — Kyle Larson is inching closer to his first Month of May experience and in doing so is getting more and more familiar with the Arrow McLaren machine he will be piloting.

Larson will attempt “The Double” in which he will attempt to qualify for and finish the Indianapolis 500 this coming Memorial Day weekend. He will then look to go the full 600 miles at the Coke 600 in the NASCAR Cup Series.

Larson is a regular competitor in the Cup Series with Hendrick Motorsports.

On Monday, Larson was back in his Indy car as he continued to become more adept to the nuances of his machine.

“I had a few moments where I was uncomfortable,” Larson said of the test. “I thought that was good to feel at 190 or whatever we’re going, 180 maybe in the corner, compared to going 220 at Indy, having the moment, being surprised by something. I think that was a benefit.”

Larson said when he tested at Indianapolis in October, in which he completed his rookie orientation, the car’s setup was really good, and didn’t have to mess with the tools in his car to make adjustments.

That was not the case this time around at Phoenix.

“I think just getting more reps of pulling in and out of the box, messing with the weight jacker and bar and all that,” he said. “My balance was kind of transitioning quickly. Kind of had to try to keep up with that a little bit. I’m not used to having cockpit adjustors.”

Because of that, Larson said it was “fun” to have an experience in an Indy car where he was uncomfortable, especially when he got sideways entering a turn at one point and was able to save it.

Larson is a versatile racer not only competing in the cup series but in USAC and Sprint Car racing as well. He won the World Of Outlaws championship during his year away from the Cup Series due to a suspension.

He said he’s beginning to feel the excitement that fans have about his attempt to qualify for the Indianapolis 500.

“I do know there’s a lot of race fans that are excited to see me out there,” said Larson. “That makes me excited, as well. I feel like I’m a grassroots type of racer. Even though I race on Sunday in the Cup Series, I still feel like I resonate with the local short-track fans. I think that’s exciting.”

Larson plans to be back in Indy in late April for the regularly scheduled Open Test on the IMS oval. That is where IndyCar teams will begin dialling in their cars ahead of the Month of May.