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This is an emergency scene including both a fire engine and an ambulance.

Source: Katifcam/Getty Images

INDIANAPOLIS — A person was killed in a fire at an apartment complex on the northwest side early Monday morning.

It was at the Highland Pointe Apartments along Michigan Road near Kessler Blvd. They say the fire started around 4:45 and that firefighters were called not long after about people trapped inside the complex.

When they got to the apartments there was what they described as “heavy fire” coming from the building and there were many people stranded on balconies.

Firefighters were able to rescue at least 30 people from the building, but they also confirmed one person was killed. Around a dozen others had to be taken to hospitals.

At the moment investigators believe the fire started on the third floor of the building, bu they are not sure yet what caused the fire.