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We’re getting started now!

Biden Madness 2.0 kicked-off this week! Here at the Hammer and Nigel show we celebrate March Madness a little differently, and frankly sometimes more entertaining. Check out how to play along here 

Here’s the winning Biden-isms so far:

# 4 SEED: Biden beautifully describing America in a single word, or several gibberish words.


#8 SEED: Biden leading a ‘happy birthday’ song dedicated to MLK’s III wife, on MLK day…but forgetting her name mid-song.

Friday’s competition is between a classic and disturbing(?) line from our sitting president. Biden describes blackmailing your friends with naked pictures vs Well…Anyway. Listen to both clips and vote for your favorite on our Twitter poll! 

*poll is open for 24 hours. 

Tune in every weekday, around 4:48ish to hear which clip is moving onto the next round.