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Our very own Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is saying, ‘Glitch, please!’

Thousands of flights across the country were delayed on Wednesday, seemingly out of nowhere. The Federal Aviation Administration was quick to note it was a glitch in the system. Due to the major disruption of their key safety system, the FAA asked all airlines to hold domestic flights on the ground until later that morning.

Buttigieg made the call to ground all flights out of ‘caution.’ GOP Rep. Nicole Malliotakis kindly pointed out that this was the first-time domestic flights have been grounded since 9/11.

The former South Bend mayor noted the system failure was not due to a cyberattack. Buttigieg has made it quite clear that it was a glitch in the system, which apparently “happen all the time.”

Our friends up north in Canada are now suffering the same mysterious air system outage. However, their systems were resolved quickly, and they believe their outage was not directly related to the US’.

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