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INDIANAPOLIS – A 40-year-old man from Arizona was indicted by a federal grand jury after he was accused of threatening, stalking and harassing a couple from Indianapolis.

Patrick Kearney appeared before a judge in the Southern District of Indiana November 17, said the Department of Justice.

According to prosecutors, he “engaged in a stalking and harassment campaign: targeting a woman who refused to date him while the two were in college in the mid 2000s. Kearney is accused of sending nearly two dozen letters, making more than 400 phone calls and leaving more than 150 voicemails for the woman and her partner.

Many of the letters said that one of the two should have died on 9/11, according to court documents. Others even praised al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.

Kearney also sent a package to the couple last February containing roach bait and threatened to show up to their wedding.

Kearney faces nine charges for stalking, transmitting threats via interstate communications and harassing through telephone calls.