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STATE WIDE--The victories for Republicans began early, with a win projected for incumbent Sen. Todd Young, soon after the polls closed. There were also victories for Republicans in the Secretary of State’s race, and with most of the incumbent seats for Congress representing Indiana in DC.

“It’s tempting to think of election night’s like this as the end of something and I guess they are. But, that’s not how most Hoosiers or most Americans think of this,” said Young in his victory speech, shortly before talking about the issues, some of which Young was accused of being a part of during his first six years in office.

“Stop the reckless spending and start enforcing the laws,” he said.

“I can’t say I’m surprised, but I’m very happy,” said Young of his quick victory.

His opponent, Democratic mayor of Hammond Tom McDermott, wished Young well in his concession speech.

“I think Sen. young, the major issue he needs to tackle is the division between Democrats and Republicans in the state,” said McDermott.

Former state Sen. Eric Houchin, a Republican, replaces Republican Trey Hollingsworth in the 9th Congressional District, comprising some of central and southern Indiana. Rudy Yakym, a Republican, replaces Republican Jackie Walorski in the 2nd Congressional District. Walorski died in a car crash in August.

“I think that’s part of me honoring her legacy, by staying deeply rooted and connected within the district,” Yakym told reporters after his victory speech.

All other incumbents kept their seats, with only two Democrats in the Congressional delegation, Andre Carson of the 7th District, representing Indianapolis, and Frank Mrvan, representing “the Region” of northwest Indiana in the 1st District, a seat he narrowly kept, challenged by Republican Jennifer Ruth Green.

Democrat Destiny Wells conceded to Republican Diego Morales in the race for Secretary of State, who will oversee elections in Indiana, in a hard fought battle.

“I looked at this race largely as a matter of national security,” said Wells in her concession speech. “We need to make sure that we are all coming together to guard that system because it is going to be put to the test.”

Wells spoke specifically about the election of 2024.

“We must fight together to strengthen and reinforce our electoral system or we will lose the Democracy that we have,” she said.