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WAYNE COUNTY, Ind. — A Wayne County Jail Deputy was sent to the hospital after being exposed to fentanyl.

Jail Deputy Brandon Creech was giving a pat down search for an inmate during booking proceedings. As the arrestee, Daniel Cox, was being searched, the deputy found a grinder and bag of powder.

That powder was tested and was positive for fentanyl. Shortly later, Deputy Creech fell ill and collapsed. Other deputies and medical staff gave first aid to him, giving the deputy three doses of Narcan which helped.

Then, Deputy Creech was taken to the hospital for further treatment and was released a few hours later.

The Sheriff’s Department is still investigating to determine if further charges will be brought against Cox for the incident.

The Wayne County Sheriff would like to remind people to leave unknown substances that they believe to be drugs or fentanyl alone. If you or someone you know may be exposed to opioids, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has a Narcan vending machine for free in the jail lobby.