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INDIANAPOLIS–Drugs were coming from California to Indianapolis, and being sold by a man named Keybo, says U.S. Atty. Zach Myers. He announced the indictment of Keybo and 20 other people Friday morning. The court documents say Keith “Keybo” Jones, 56, of Indianapolis, had his 12-year-old daughter involved in the operation.

The indictment says the drugs were coming from Kevin Backstrom, 56, of Los Angeles and someone else from Hot Desert Springs, Calif., and were being shipped to Indy.

The packages contained meth, cocaine and fentanyl.

Keybo Jones was the boss. He had members of his crew getting the packages at their houses and businesses and stash them at 2877 North Centennial St. in Indy, which is just off Lafayette Rd., on the northwest side. That was the the main distribution point.

Court documents say Jones enlisted his 12-year-old daughter in the business, without giving specifics.

The operation was busted Thursday when law enforcement from 22 agencies got search warrants and searched 25 locations in Ft. Wayne, Indianapolis and Los Angeles. Twenty people ended up in jail, including Jones and Backstrom, along with Jamie Rayner, 32, of Indy; Imany Jones, 30, of Indy; Tameka Washington, 47, of Indy; Jerry Bibbs, 54, of Ft. Wayne; Emmanuel O’Hara, 24, of Ft. Wayne; Danyale Buchanan, 52; Charles Davis, 37; LaDonna Jones, 38; Anthony Moore, 36; Marcus “Old Hat” Miles, 47; Steve “Friday” Young, 39; Sean Devonish, 44; Katrina Geen, 50; Frederick Garner, 52; Nicholas Ray, 31; Theodore “Grover” Poinsett, Jr., 41; William Starks, 58, all of Indianapolis.

All were indicted on charges related to drug dealing and could get prison sentences. Jones, charged with continuing a criminal enterprise, faces a possible life sentence.

Authorities found 43 guns, $300,000 in cash and lots of drugs, including meth, cocaine and enough fentanyl to kill a half million people.