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This is Rob Kendall, co-host of the Kendall & Casey Show:

This is Republican Senator Todd Young, Big Spender:

Tuesday afternoon, Rob decided to treat himself to a visit to Stax Restaurant in Plainfield, Indiana. 

Was he motivated by a desperate craving for fluffy and delicious pancakes? No, friend. Rob was driven by a Godly calling to serve the people of the great state of Indiana and the loyal listeners of WIBC.

Also making an appearance at Stax Wednesday was Senator Young. Was he there to satisfy a hankering for a fabulously flavorful omelet?

determined to botch. After all, Young is one of many “conservatives” in our nation’s capitol who proudly added over $10 trillion to our national debt – a fact the good senator does not dispute.

Our Journey Continues…

Rob unexcitedly arrived at Stax in his Sunday best and prepared himself for the opportunity to engage in a productive dialog with Senator Young. And because today’s best moments are tomorrow’s most precious memories, Rob made a valiant and honorable effort to capture this historical occasion for future generations in full 4K with stereophonic sound!

Rob hoisted his mighty memory-making device into the air, pressed the big red “record” button, and then…

That’s right. “Goons for Todd Young 2022” informed Mr. Kendall that Senator Young wasn’t “camera-ready” today.

Fortunately, Rob Kendall is blessed with the memory of an elephant. And therefore, he was able to recreate the moment-to-moment excitement of his interactions on this day with Senator Young in the following segments Wednesday.