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STATE HOUSE–You might think you’re paying too much for your health care. But, in looking at ways to help you save, state lawmakers and the state Hospital Association have determined the costs are actually right in line with those in neighboring states.

“The Kaiser Family Foundation has data right online. It shows that premiums for a family insurance plan, that’s kind of the standard way that a lot of folks look at health care affordability, in Indiana is below the national average and right in line with our neighboring states,” said Brian Tabor, head of the Indiana Hospital Assoc., talking to IndyPolitics.

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But, Tabor said that people still feel like they’re paying too much.

“I’m not saying that’s good enough. We have to continue to address health care affordability.”

State lawmakers are working on several bills dealing with health care and hospitals this legislative session. One of them could help cut down on prescription drug costs for consumers by forcing insurance companies and drug companies to pass savings and rebates on to the customer, rather than to pharmacy benefit managers, or companies that negotiate drug prices and are legally allowed to take kickbacks.

Tabor added that beyond insurance costs, Indiana is also right in line with Illinois, Ohio and Michigan in terms of actual medical costs.