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WASHINGTON — The White House failed in its operation to evacuate Americans and Afghan refugees from Afghanistan last year, says Sen. Todd Young (R-IN).

Young cites documents leaked by Axios from the days that led up to the fall of Kabul to the Taliban in 2021. The documents, according to Axios, show that the Biden administration had little to no plan in place for evacuations after the U.S. military pulled out of the country.

“We know there was no plan for the withdrawal,” Young said to Fox Business. “At the eleventh hour, as Kabul was falling, at that point and only at that point did the administration really identify countries that could be used to transit evacuees.”

The memo says meetings were still being held in Washington on relocation efforts for refugees as Kabul was closing in on the outskirts of the Afghan capital on Aug. 14, 2021. The document details plans for a “small group discussion” to talk about ways to engage Canada and other NATO allies in hosting evacuees.

“So basically there was no plan at all,” Young added. “This is a failure of leadership and a case of bureaucratic inertia. We’ve seen zero members of the state department, high-ranking defense officials, or White House staffers be held accountable on the back end of this.”

Some lawmakers have urged Congress to convene a 9/11-style commission to delve further into why the Afghanistan withdrawal unfolded as it did.

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