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Please Note: This article is NOT satire.

Grandma’s apple pie is the latest victim of cancel culture due to its “bloody origins.”

Once again, we’d like to stress that this article is NOT satire.

A writer in the U.K. has determined that apple pie is “food injustice,” linking it to slavery and the “ongoing genocide of indigenous people” in an article for The Guardian.

In a lengthy essay entitled “Food injustice has deep roots: let’s start with America’s apple pie,” writer Raj Patel argues that “in the drama of nationalist culture, the bloody and international origins of the apple pie are subject to a collective amnesia.”

Again, NOT Satire.

“The apple pie is as American as stolen land, wealth, and labor,” says Patel. “We live its consequences today.”

The author goes on to detail how apples came to the West in the 1500s with colonists and their “vast and ongoing genocide of Indigenous people.”

English colonizers then used apple trees “as markers of civilization, which is to say property,” he wrote.

“John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, took these markers of colonized property to the frontiers of US expansion where his trees stood as symbols that Indigenous communities had been extirpated,” continued Patel.

NOT satire.

The author also linked sugar to the slave trade, and gingham to “war capitalism” that “enslaved and committed acts of genocide against millions of Indigenous people in North America, and millions of Africans and their descendants through the transatlantic slave trade.”

Such fascinating insight, Mr. Patel. Golly, with political arguments on matters of such importance as ‘racist pies,’ it is simply astounding that the country is so polarized today.

Mock n’ Rob have more insight on apple pie’s bloody roots in the clip below.