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President Joe Biden suffered what appeared to be another “senior moment” Wednesday after announcing that Vice President Kamala Harris has been tasked with developing a long-term strategy to stem the immigration crisis at the southern border.

As the President wrapped up his remarks and brought the meeting to a close, he curiously turned to Chief of Staff Ron Klain stating, “Now we can get down to business here and uh… Ron? Who am I turning this over to?”

Klain, fumbling with his words as though he’d been caught off guard replied, “Well I… Uh… Thank you very much, Mr. President. I think it’s time – uh – it’s time for our friends in the press to leave though.”

Press members in attendance erupted with questions about the border crisis as they were quickly ushered out.

Biden’s latest “senior moment” comes just days after the 78-year-old was callously attacked by a malicious gust of wind while climbing the steps of Air Force One.

Side Note: Where was Kamala Harris when the President took his tumble? She’s been glued to Biden’s side EVERY SINGLE SECOND of his presidency, yet the day Biden nearly falls to his death, she’s mysteriously absent? Coincidence? Please.

Hammer and Nigel’s theory: Harris probably hired a bunch of undocumented lawncare workers to take Biden out with their leaf blowers in exchange for citizenship.