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President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that Vice President Kamala Harris is now in charge of “stemming the migration” crisis created via his precision dismantling of the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

Biden, a staunch proponent of the “Come One, Come All!” strategy to controlling immigration, said during a meeting at the White House that Harris will lead the administration’s efforts with Mexico and the Northern Triangle — El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

By delegating authority to Harris, Biden will have more time to focus on his top priorities: avoiding tough questions from the press and taking lots and lots of naps.

Here’s the thrilling and action-packed video of Biden’s announcement:

The Biden administration is also pulling out the Democrats’ familiar and time-tested approach to eradicating gun violence by making law-abiding citizens more vulnerable to gun violence.

Mock & Rob discussed Biden’s attempt at enacting unconstitutional gun control measures Wednesday morning. Click below to listen.