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It was only a matter of time. President Biden has graced the internet with a most memorable ‘meme-worthy’ moment.

While boarding Air Force One on Friday, the president had a hard time with the stairs. Or maybe the wind? We’ll get to that in a moment.

Biden maybe had one too many vitamins that morning as he was feeling a little too confident jogging up the stairs to the plane. He briefly lost his footing, quickly popping back up only to repeat the same misstep. You would think the man would take a second, but  decided totry again because third time is the charm. Not in this case. He fell for a third time before finally getting his rhythm and boarding.

Presidents for decades have been caught stumbling, it’s a part of life. However, instead of his administration brushing it off as human error they blamed Mother Nature.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told White House reporters it was the winds fault. “It was very windy. I almost fell coming up the steps myself. He is doing 100 percent. He’s doing fine. He’s preparing for the trip just fine.”

Tony Katz says the administration is not doing the 78 year-old man any favors.

If the president of the United States can’t stand up to wind then he can’t stand up to China or Russia or Kamala Harris…How weak and feeble do you want him to look? Because if you are blaming the wind, he looks weak and feeble.

We’re glad Biden is okay. All we ask of the president is to maybe not have your “Rocky” moment in front of the entire nation.