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We love all of our listeners at the “Mock n’ Rob” Show – even the ones who are mentally unbalanced. In fact, the mentally unbalanced listener is our core audience.

Recently, however, it has come to our attention that “Daisy’s” transition into luxurious retirement and Rob’s ascension to co-host of our finely-crafted daily radio program has prompted some confusion amongst the masses.

With your indulgence, dear reader, please allow us to clear a few things up:

  • Rob M. Kendall is a perv, and this character trait is an asset in the world of terrestrial radio.
  • Rob M. Kendall is NOT married. He used to be, but now he’s not.
  • “Mock” is STILL married, but at no time has she been married to Rob M. Kendall.
  • Former co-host “Daisy” is married, and despite Rob’s very best efforts, she’s not leaving her husband for a man whose go-to beverage of choice is the Long Island Iced Tea.
  • Rob M. Kendall, “Mock” and “Daisy” regularly exchange witty, sexual banter with each other; however, nothing even remotely close to physical intimacy has occurred between Rob M. Kendall and the girls in actual “real life.” What Rob M. Kendall does under his Trump edition bedsheets at night when the mood strikes is his business – but it’s nothing more than fantasy.

Mock and Rob recently received an email from a regular listener to their show who feels that the moral standards being set by their program are not acceptable. We read that listener’s email and respond in the clip below.

Thank you for your attention. And whatever you do, don’t picture Rob Kendall naked and alone in his bed at night with a copy of “The Art of the Deal.”