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From comparing the president to a terrorist to having one of the sickest Communist leaders hanging on your wall, Democratic leaders are on a roll this week.

You may of not heard of Harold Ford Jr., to be honest neither have we. Well the former US Congressman (’97-’07) appeared on FOX news with Brett Baier via satellite at his home. The discussion they were having focused on the incitement of insurrection with President Trump.

Now you have probably heard of Mao Zedong, the guy who led a Chinese communist revolutionary responsible for the death of tens of millions of people… Well that guy’s portrait can be seen HANGING ABOVE FORD’S MANTEL. The portrait looks like Warhol’s Mao, so if it’s in pretty colors guess it’s okay to have in your home.

Warhol has so many portraits: Marilyn Monroe, Beethoven, Elvis, Elizabeth Taylor, just to name a few and he picks MAO to hang in his living room?

Is there something to that or are we just analytical? Either way, I wouldn’t show it to the whole world.