First things first: You’re going to die. It’s inevitable. It’s part of the gig. The only questions are “When?” and “How?” Actually, there’s also the question of whether you’ll vote democrat after you’re dead, but for the purposes of this blog post, will confine ourselves to the questions of “When will you die?” and “How […]

Tito… Jackie… Jermaine… Randy… Marlon… Michael… Five young men who were born into humble circumstances, but with talent, courage, and regular beatings by an abusive father, rose to the top of the pop music charts in the 1970s and early 1980s with hits like “I’ll be there,” “ABC,” and “Torture,” which prominently featured the vocal […]

The mother of a 12-year-old boy was in the middle of practicing her keyboard, enjoying a moment of musical nirvana. Suddenly, her son interrupted her to announce the very best news ever… He finally beat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft!! Ah, the delights of youth. The joy in the simple things. The wonder of being […]

Vice President Kamala Harris continues her quest to sound even more incoherent than President Joe Biden. Here is a well though-out speech Kamala Harris delivered in Louisiana Monday: Word Salad: unintelligible, extremely disorganized speech or writing manifested as a symptom of a mental disorder. A string of empty, incoherent, unintelligible, or nonsensical words or comments […]

Gas prices have hit record highs in recent weeks. Naturally, the Biden administration has placed the blame on nearly everyone but themselves as Americans struggle at the pump. WATCH: Official Democrat Credo: “Great leaders blame others when things go wrong and NEVER take personal responsibility.” Despite all the finger-pointing and blame-shifting by Biden officials, even […]

Every single person on this planet has one special gift. One talent. One thing that sets them apart from all others as unique. For Taipei City Councilor Chiu Wei-chieh, it’s breaking chopsticks with his butt. Chiu Wei-chieh broke a total of 53 chopsticks with his butt cheeks after losing a bet that a recent election […]

It’s good to see Popeye’s finally getting some positive press after a shortage of chicken sandwiches in 2019 led to a rash of shootings, stabbings, and physical altercations. Enter Cynthia Carter, the singing Popeye’s drive-thru worker. “Miss Cynthia” as she is known by regulars at Popeye’s Chicken likes to sing customers’ orders when they come […]

America is a place of great diversity: diversity of thought… diversity of opinion… diversity of gender… And yet, there is one fundamental truth upon which we should all agree: Dr. Anthony Fauci, oppressive, power-hungry, narcissistic medical expert to the stars, is a terrible person. He who is Fauch has been MIA in recent months as […]

The date: Friday, March 17, 2006. The location: Mobile, Alabama. The Incident: A bizarre and mysterious figure – an odd-looking fellow who frightens children – is seen lurking in the trees… No, not that guy. This guy: His name: The Crichton Leprechaun. St. Patrick’s Day of 2006 was the day he became a […]

Florida legislators successfully passed the state’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill Tuesday. The proposed law bans public school districts from teaching about sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through the third grade, or “in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students.” The narrative from the left is that the bill […]