Tony Katz

Every Thursday, Tony likes to take a break from the madness of our country’s political state and just… breathe.

As Election Day is in full swing, several polls are showing Republicans taking the Senate and the House. Now Tony Katz doesn’t always agree with Kellyanne Conway, but she made an excellent point Monday night on Fox Business. Conway said that Democrats biggest mistake has been campaigning for what they want, unlike Republicans who are […]

A Hamilton County poll worker has been accused of electioneering including pre-selecting a voter’s ballot as ‘straight Democrat.’ Democratic Party poll worker James Zheng has been removed from the Mercy Church polling station in Carmel after accusations came forward where he pressured voters not to support Republican-endorsed candidates for Carmel Clay school board.  

The Secretary of State race has gotten a lot of attention. Jeff Maurer, Libertarian Candidate for Secretary of State, joined Tony Katz to discuss the upcoming election against Democrat Destiny Wells and GOP Diego Morales. Tony Katz spoke with Maurer on specifically election integrity. Maurer says he believes part of keeping a fair election in […]

Katz asked specifically about why Morales chose not to participate in an hourlong televised debate organized by the League of Women Voters of Muncie-Delaware County. Both Democrat candidate, Destiny Scott-Wells and Libertarian Jeffrey Maurer participated in the early October debate, while organizers say Morales did not respond to the invitation.

President Biden seemingly dozes off during an interview aired this weekend. This isn’t the first time the 79-year-old was caught snoozing on the job. This time last year, #sleepyjoe was trending after President Biden was filmed ‘resting his eyes’ at the at the COP26 climate change summit.   The most recent incident happened during an […]

A journalist is receiving backlash for her evaluation of Pennsylvania Senate Candidate John Fetterman’s mental state. NBC News reporter Dasha Burns interviewed Fetterman and after their conversations on and off camera she reported “he had a hard time understanding our conversations.” The Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania had a stroke in May of this year which […]

Nothing says music festival like a politician interrupting to discuss climate change! Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s surprise appearance at the Global Citizen’s concert proved just that this weekend as she was met with boos and hecklers. During the concert, host Priyanka Chopra Jonas took a moment to welcome Pelosi to the stage. Immediately […]

The Biden Administration is out singing Biden’s praises once again. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain was quick to point out the state of the country before Biden took office. Klain ‘reminded’ The Atlantic Festival Thursday that during Trump’s last year in office, Americans were struggling because of the way the former president handled […]

Every Thursday, Tony likes to take a break from the madness of our country’s political state and just… breathe. This week’s musical pick, Otis Redding- Try A Little Tenderness.  Sit back, take a few minutes to yourself, and know that it’ll all be alright.