Daily Wire host, Michael Knowles, was invited to speak at Purdue University where he was met with anything but friendly faces. Michael Knowles is known for his book “Reasons to vote for Democrats,” the pages are mostly blank. Outside of funny books, Knowles is also vocal on other issues, especially LGBTQ+. He was quoted saying […]

Representative Jamaal Bowman had quite the quote on why Republicans want TikTok banned. “Republicans ain’t got no swag, that’s why they want to ban TikTok.” That simply is not true. Some things are more important than swag. something like national security is one of those things. Chinese CEO of TikTok is set to testify in […]

If you have by chance been living under a rock, Donald Trump predicted he would be indicted at some point. The indictment is over whether or not he paid Stormy Daniels hush money. If Trump is indicted, he will be the first former president to ever face criminal charges. Some are speculating that Trump wants […]

Transgender Hoosiers are considering leaving the state, because they feel their options are starting to run out. The House committee approved a ban on gender transition care for minors. The bill will ban hormone therapy, puberty blockers or surgery for gender transition uses for anyone under 18. This is a great bill. It protects children, and […]

Senator Mike Braun joined “Tony Katz and the Morning News” today. They discussed Donald Trump’s indictment and Joe Biden’s first veto. Senator Braun is a businessman turned politician. Prior to being elected in 2018, he was the founder and CEO of Meyer Distributing. His term as Senator ends in the year 2024, and he will […]

The United Nations released a new climate change report on Monday, now they are freaking out, and the people have to suffer for it. After releasing the report, the United Nations doubled down on the risks of global warming. They have called for a mass fossil fuel shutdown. The only issue with that is the […]

Joe Biden Issued the first veto of his presidency on Monday. He said the bill was overly influenced by “MAGA Republicans.” The legislation would not have allowed the Biden Administration to consider environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues when making investment decisions. Biden went on to tweet about the bill saying: The vetoing of […]

Purdue and Indiana have both been eliminated from the NCAA Tournament. IU has not made the Sweet 16 since 2016. It was a disappointing ending to the Hoosiers season, but nowhere near as disappointing an end as the one Purdue had. Purdue became the second team to ever lose to a 16 seed. Purdue came […]

On March 10th, Silicon Valley Bank collapsed, and the banking in the United States has been crazy ever since. Signature Bank is the latest bank to collapse, and things in New York do not look great. New York Community Bancorp has taken over the bank and assumed most of its deposits. Just like at Silicon […]

JMV joined Tony Katz this morning to discuss the Colts free agent moves, along with Purdue and Indiana’s March Madness chances. On Thursday, the Colts signed quarterback Gardner Minshew. He played for new Colts head coach Shane Steichen last year. It is largely believed that Minshew is being brought in to help teach the new […]