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Tony Katz to liberal white women:

The people that you side with, you’re standing up for this, you’re standing up for that. The minute they have to destroy you, they’re going to take it… Nothing is more criminally insane than Jewish students on the campus of Berkeley saying, “We didn’t know there was so much antisemitism.”

In addition:

Your feelings lie to you, like a stripper in the VIP lounge.

This is about the story about a disruption that happened at the home of Berkeley Dean Erwin Chemerinsky.

“I am appalled and deeply disturbed by what occurred at Dean Chemerinsky’s home last night,” UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ said in a statement. “I have been in touch with him to offer my support and sympathy. While our support for free speech is unwavering, we cannot condone using a social occasion at a person’s private residence as a platform for protest.” ~ LA Times 

Jewish UC Berkeley dean confronts pro-Palestinian activist at his home – Los Angeles Times (

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