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Jefferson Shreve

Source: Parker Carlson WIBC / Parker Carlson WIBC

INDIANAPOLIS — Running for Congress wasn’t in the playbook, but now Republican Jefferson Shreve has his sights set on Washington.

“You know, it wasn’t a premeditated plan,” Shreve tells WIBC/Network Indiana, “the opportunity to serve Indianapolis, my home site of Indianapolis and the district was not an opportunity that I had in my flight path.”

Shreve, a Republican running for Greg Pence’s soon-to-be vacated House seat, says the 6th district is familiar territory, as he spent time in each county doing business. Now, Shreve wants to do political business in Washington on behalf of the 6th, “I’m looking forward to preparing to go to work not in January, but this coming week.”

Shreve challenged Joe Hogsett in 2023 for mayor of Indianapolis, which he lost. It was during that campaign that Shreve became an enemy of Republicans who felt his gun control policies were “too Democrat.”

He acknowledged last year’s loss and said it’s going to make him a better leader.

“Last year’s campaign made me tougher and smarter. I know that I’m prepared to serve the citizens of the 6th in ways that I wouldn’t have been prepared last year, without that experience,” says Shreve.