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INDIANAPOLIS–Representatives from the Marion County Coroner’s Office say they will release the autopsy report of Dreasjon Reed to Reed’s mother, Demetree Wynn.

The office said it received the decision to release the autopsy at 10:01 a.m Wednesday from the Marion County Superior Court.

Reed was shot and killed by an IMPD police officer May 6, 2020. IMPD claims Reed was running from police, shot at an officer and the officer returned fire killing Reed. The incident was streamed on Facebook Live.

Reed’s family claims IMPD is not telling the truth.

The Marion County Superior Court has appointed Rosemary Khoury of Madison County to serve as the special prosecutor in the investigation.

Khoury released the following statement:

The Marion County Superior Court has ruled to allow for the release of the autopsy report by the Marion County Coroner to the family of Dreasjon Reed. We fully anticipate that the family attorney will adhere to the confidentiality requirements set forth by the Indiana Code which prohibits the release of certain information contained in the report. The State has petitioned the court to allow for the investigation to be completed before releasing the report so that a thorough and complete investigation could be conducted. This investigation is still ongoing, and the team respects and will adhere to the Court’s decision as it works to provide as comprehensive an investigation as possible.