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BROWNSBURG, Ind.–The man who shot and killed another man in Brownsburg, Tuesday, who was about to pull the trigger and kill someone, is not facing any charges. His lawyer says he was completely justified and may have saved more than one life.

Police say Seth Robertson, 36, and Joshua Hayes, 22, both of Indianapolis, died in the attack.

LISTEN: Atty. Guy Relford tells his client’s story.

Second Amendment Atty. Guy Relford said Hayes went on a psychotic rampage and attacked two cemetery workers at 56th and Grant streets. It is still unclear what motivated the attack.

Hayes was the shooter. He chased the two workers, firing at them, hitting Robertson.

“One of those bullets actually went through my client’s vehicle window. He was actually injured with shrapnel, my client was.”

After he killed Robertson, he chased the other man and put a pistol to his head, said Relford.

“My client looked at that and realized there was one thing he could do and that was take action to save an innocent life,” said Relford. “The scenario was fairly clear to him in that one person was chasing another and the other was saying, no no no, please don’t shoot me!.”

He said his client took aim and shot Hayes once.

“The gunman stood up and was looking around and still had the gun in his hand, appeared to clearly intend to continue the attack at which point my client fired another two or three shots and the gunman went down.”

Relford said his client, who does not wish to be named, was justified and does not face any charges.

“They very quickly, the BPD did, determined my client acted completely lawfully and he was justified under Indiana law,” said Relford. He said Indiana law gives you the right to use reasonable force, or even deadly force, to protect yourself or another person, from either serious bodily injury or the commission of a forcible felony.

Relford said he’s glad to represent his client and believes if anyone is forced to shoot another person they should have an attorney for a variety of reasons.

He’s also glad that a 2019 law, which he helped write and get passed in the state legislature, protects people who are justified in shooting someone from frivolous lawsuits.