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Mike Pence, you’re fired.

U.S. President Donald Trump is quietly planning to oust Vice President Mike Pence from his post and announce former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley as his new running mate for the 2020 election.

That’s the highly-improbable theory put forth Wednesday afternoon by WIBC host and American thinker, Nigel, co-host of the Hammer and Nigel Show.

Here’s How The Particles of Tinfoil Fit Together:

  • The President’s recent polling numbers in a head-to-head match-up against ‘Biden the Dementia Patient’ show Trump losing the election.
  • Mike Pence has played a key role in the administration of late by serving as the head of the Coronavirus task force.
  • President Trump has been EXCEEDINGLY complimentary about Vice President Pence’s performance in his new role.
  • Coronavirus isn’t going away, and Trump has been backtracking this week on his plans to dissolve the taskforce entirely.
  • Former Vice President Pence… Whoops, Freudian slip. CURRENT Vice President Mike Pence is a former Governor. Moving forward, who better than a former Governor to serve as “The Coronavirus Communications Czar” than Pence?
  • There has been incessant chatter in the mainstream that President Trump would like to replace Pence with someone who exhibits a little more flash and charisma as his running mate in 2020.
  • One thing Mike Pence is NOT: Flashy.
  • People love Nikki Haley and see her as an outspoken, vibrant, charismatic, and super sexy Conservative badass.

Based on the presented evidence, the only possible conclusion one can come to is that Pence is about to get fired.

WIBC’s Nigel and stunt-double for Jason Hammer, Rob Kendall discuss Uncle Nige’s conspiracy… Which oddly enough sounds highly-probable the more we think about it.