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If you’re still working from your doomsday shelter, you probably haven’t had the pleasure of twisting around the eastbound I-70 closure from the north split to I-465. Given the unprecedented volume of traffic (as in nearly vehicle free), the closure really hasn’t been that bad.

However, things will return to normal, and once again we’ll be stopped on I-465 at Keystone and trashing the south split.

Ah, youthful memories. Better than prom.

So what’s the deal with I-70? Kind of already nice, isn’t it? I’d eat off it, at least with a paper plate and and plastic spoon that I’d throw away later (after a second use). David reached out to @WIBCTraffic, and noted that it’s quite the sparkling piece of interstate in comparison to other stretches around the area:

Hey, interstates need to be maintained. If not, tires blow out, bridges breakdown, markets crash, and the White River floods our sins away. The fact is, the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is doing the work now under an expedited schedule. The goal, with this particular I-70 closure, is to fix the bridges and patch the concrete. Eastbound I-70 was originally planned to close in late May, with the westbound lanes scheduled for August. INDOT decided to knock both directions out early because of the recent traffic patterns.

Rougher Reroute

Right now, eastbound I-70 is still closed, and there is a construction zone that’s causing a bit of a slow when rerouting around the closure during evening rush. It could be equally as taxing during morning rush when the westbound lanes of I-70 shutdown (see below). Double the fun when (and if) rush hour returns to its complete psychotic self during these closures.

It could be painful.

John reached out to @WIBCTraffic. He made a hell of a point.

John is talking about Washington St. and the asphalt and crosswalk work that’s currently in play. Washington goes from I-465 on the west side to I-465 on the east side, then continues all the way out to Greenfield (and beyond as U.S. 40). The construction zone runs in both directions around the Irvington area on the east side, specifically from Ritter Ave. to Kitley Ave.

Washington St. Closure

The work should be wrapped up on July 8th, 2020, weather permitting.

Also, 30th St. is a viable option for drivers north of I-70, if you don’t mind negotiating the Emerson Ave., E. 30th St., Massachusetts Ave. cluster intersection. 38th St. is fine until you hit Arlington Ave., where a bridge is closed probably for the rest of our lives (done June 30th).

Fun-Day One-Way

Hypothetically, let’s say rush hour is normal and we’re at full volume on the streets and interstates. It’s safe to anticipate the construction zone on Washington St. will back up. How can I avoid the construction zone, you ask?

Scott reached out to @WIBCTraffic, and suggested using New York St. – an eastbound one way – or Michigan St. – a westbound one way. Problem is, New York ends at Emerson Ave., and Michigan starts at Ritter. They don’t reach I-465 on either side of the city:

This is worth a try. You can take eastbound New York St. to Emerson Ave., then head north to E. 10th St. From there, you can continue on 10th or break off onto southbound Shadeland Ave to Washington St. Eureka! You’re at I-465.

Heading west? Check out this fancy map I made:

Washington Work

Westbound I-70 Closing Next Week

***UPDATE: The westbound I-70 closure has been pushed back one day due to weather. All lanes from I-465 to the north split will close Friday, April 24th and reopen Sunday, May 24th. This post originally had the closure marked for April 23rd. It has been updated.

We’re days away from the westbound I-70 makeover. All lanes and ramps will close from I-465 to the north split on the east side beginning Friday, April 24th, for 30 days.

Westbound Closure R

This presents a difficult situation. Both directions of I-70 will  be closed from the north split to I-465  for 19 days:

I-70 Overlap Revised

Check the reroutes above, then send me your ideas to @WIBCTraffic.

And for the love of everything grandmotherly, tell your friends to stop driving like angry teenagers. Some guy blew a red light at College Ave. and Michigan St. this week. At least he stopped first, which makes him only a headass, as opposed to being a full on sleaze. And I’m not going to bust through the red arrow at the on-ramp to northbound I-65 from Illinois just because the guy in front of me did. Lady behind me, you can wave your hands and gyrate until your transmission drops, but I’m not getting fined because you’re in a rush to buy out what’s left of the toilet paper.

Stay safe.


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