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In this grand era of social awareness and acceptance of all personal lifestyles, political affiliations – even really stupid ones like socialism – sexual preferences, gender preferences, elimination of “N” and “R” words, and non-judgment – except in circumstances where judgment is warranted and politically advantageous, it’s truly a heartening wonder to behold when the deranged leftists of Washington and mainstream media devote precious time and valuable resources to debating the most crucially-important issues of the day. 

Yes, by freeing ourselves from the past and embracing a more enlightened present, we liberate ourselves from the bondage of yesteryear in order to focus on what truly matters to our nation in the midst of a most volatile and challenging moment in American politics.

For example: Do ya’ll think Senator Lindsey Graham has sex with fellas?

On the surface, the question seems rather inane, insulting, inappropriate, personally intrusive, and lacking of even the most minute semblance of merit or value, but liberal nincumpoops are obsessed with it lately, so it must be really important or something.

The following represents our best understanding of the nonsensical theory being espoused by our moronic friends on the left:

Fact: Lindsey Graham used to act like he hated President Trump. 

Fact: Lindsey Graham no longer acts like he hates President Trump.

Conclusion: Donald Trump obviously has proof that Lindsey Graham likes fellas more than gals, hangs out in bath houses, and owns an extensive collection of Barbara Streisand memorabilia. 

That’s right; Lindsay Graham is pretending to support Donald Trump because he’s in the closet. Now you know.

The Chicks on the Right explain which prominent liberals are pushing the “Graham Likes Fellas” conspiracy and why it matters in the following clip: