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INDIANAPOLIS — With the drastic temperature change over the weekend, after last week’s deep freeze, pot holes are popping up again across the Capital City.

Some drivers can tell you one of the worst has a nickname: “ole faithful.” It’s a deep and long pothole on at East Fall Creek Parkway North Drive at East 34th Street. Fall Creek Parkway is one of the city’s primary commuter routes on the north side.

Neighbors of “ole faithful” watched and groaned Sunday as one car popped a tire on the pothole. The hole was patched last year but has already opened up again this year. 

Indianapolis resident Ron Lester said about “ole faithful,” “They do temporary repairs on it and we end up having the potholes every year.” 

Lester, who lives on the corner of Guilford Avenue and East 34th Street, a few blocks from “ol’ faithful,” said at least 15 cars broke down over the weekend from hitting the massive hole.     

Indianapolis saw a nearly 70-degree temperature change in the last few days, which caused a lot of issues on pothole-ridden roads in Indy.

Indianapolis resident Russell Mueller heard a vehicle hit a pothole near his home Sunday. “All of the sudden I hear a shock. I thought there was a shooting! So, we run down and make sure people were OK. Turns out it was just a blow out from the pothole and the tire.” 

Drivers fear this season’s plethora of potholes could be worse than last winter’s. They said something needs to be done.

“I’ve had to do a $300 repair to the front end of my car due to them,” said Indianapolis resident Mary Quantz.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works director has said he expected potholes to proliferate after the big jump from cold to warm. The city’s website states crews have a week and a half to fix potholes, reported by residents and motorists.

Just a few days ago, the Public Works department and Mayor Joe Hogsett unveiled a road and bridge repair plan.

Story by Jenny Dreasler