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INDIANAPOLIS--Indianapolis is one of the most dangerous big cities in America, said a new study from SafeWise. The study, which the company conducts each year, placed Indy at number nine on a list of the top ten most dangerous cities.


“Last year you had 11,900 violent crimes and this year there were 11,600 violent crimes. So, the city’s crime rate went down. But, compared to what other cities did, it popped you up in the rankings,” said Rebecca Edwards, a researcher with SafeWise.

She said their rankings are based directly on info from the FBI.

Edwards said that income could be a factor. The median income for Indianapolis is below the national average.

“Lower income and higher poverty rates equal less opportunity. It equals more of a legacy of generations that have sort of been stuck in a position where to make ends meet crime does get turned to and drugs definitely seem to be the biggest factor in that,” said Edwards.

Edwards said to get onto the list of safest cities following the example of cities with collaborative efforts between the police and community would be necessary.

Some people might argue that community policing is a step in that direction, though the murder rate has continued to climb each year, despite such efforts.

LINK: State of Safety in Indiana

The safest cities in Indiana include Carmel, St. John and Dyer, according to SafeWise. Hoosiers surveyed said their biggest fears were getting robbed on the street, assaulted or murdered.

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