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Any delivery driver has at least one story that will forever be burned in their mind. There are stories of customers opening the door in the nude, making awkward comments, and sometimes reveal to be on “death row.”

An Instacart driver from Georgia is going viral on TikTok after her latest delivery. Chrishalea Farley, a 39 year-old woman making some extra money as a part-time grocery and food driver was in for a shock when her latest customer’s address was a state prison.

Farley told Fox News Digital that she received a request to pick up a large platter of chicken wings and potato wedges from a local grocery store. Without thinking much of it, she picked up the items and started driving to the given address. Farley quickly realized she was headed to the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison, where death row inmates are housed.

She pulled up to the prison and explained to the guard that the order had a note to see “see chaplain Miller for death row inmate…” At first, she thought (what we are all thinking,) “I thought I was actually delivering a last meal to an inmate.” 

Luckily, the officers assured her that was not the case, and they actually couldn’t accept the food. Farley believes an inmate just placed the order on a phone and hoped it would work…

The story ended happy with Farley as she got to keep the wings and potatoes! Her hilarious reaction of the world’s weirdest day at work has now gone viral. “Never am I laughing at the [inmate’s] situation, as I wish that on no one, but the humor of it all just kept me laughing,”