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On an early vote this morning, the Senate passed $95 Billion bill in foreign aid Ukraine, Israel & Taiwan. $60 Billion for Ukraine, $14 Billion for Israel, and $9 Billion will be going to “humanitarian” aid to Gaza, $5 Billion for the Indo-Pacific.

Tony Katz:

Anybody who would give $9 Billion in humanitarian assistance for Gaza is giving $9 Billion to Hamas. You’re nuts!

Reading the tea leaves, Speaker Johnson posted the following last night on X:


H.R.2 – 118th Congress (2023-2024): Secure the Border Act of 2023 | | Library of Congress

Tony Katz:

I want support for Israel, I want it, but the border, these things have to be ranked, the border has to get solved, or at least started towards a better border situation. That has to come first, and this is what Americans are saying, so listen to their will. Listen to them, get it done.

Listen to Tony’s reaction to the Senate passing the $95 Billion foreign aid bill:

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