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It’s the first feud of 2024 and it’s a pissing match!

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) went after Fox News host Jesse Watters, accusing the political commentator of being “the type of dude who pees sitting down.” 

Earlier this week Watters reviewed a handful of lawmakers’ very successful year in trading stocks. During the segment the host discussed possible insider trading in Washington naming a handful of politicians, including Rep. Crenshaw.

The Congressman did not take Watter’s segment lightly. In fact, Crenshaw took the story a little too personal becoming majorly defensive on his Instagram. The since-then-timed-out post went right for Watter’s throat.

“Hey you f*cking hack, if you’re gonna accuse me of literal corruption, get your facts straight and man up and come accuse me to my face. You’re a f*cking clown, desperate for clickbait.  I literally have $10,000 invested in stocks, and haven’t made trades in over a year. …

“Watters is a tool, making millions to push conspiracies on tv…”

“He’s such a “conservative” he cheated on his wife and then left her with twins while he went off with another Fox producer.”

“And let’s be honest, Jesse Watters seems like the type of dude who pees sitting down.” 


Crenshaw has since said that Fox News cancelled his schedule interview following his post about Watters.