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A night he soon wouldn’t remember, until five months later.

A 35 year-old man in Vietnam has found the source of his sudden severe headaches; chopsticks. After a night out, the man started experiencing ongoing headaches and loss of vision for the next five months.

Last week, the man was in so much pain he decided to seek out help at the Cuba Friendship Hospital in Dong Hoi. The doctors found that his CT scans revealed immense tension in his skull caused by a pair of chopsticks that had penetrated his nose and entered his brain. 

The man started to remember a drunken night out where he ended up in a fight. He says he vaguely remembers being STABBED IN THE FACE with chopsticks. (Casual.) He said he did visit the hospital after the altercation, but the medical professionals did not visibly notice anything.

The doctors were able to successfully remove the chopsticks and repair his brain injury. The man is in stable condition, and my gosh does he have the craziest Hangover-esque story to tell!