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WASHINGTON D.C. — On Tuesday the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that strengthens benefits for children of Vietnam Veterans born with spina bifida.

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Children of Vietnam vets have an increased risk of spina bifida, which is a neural tube defect caused by their parent’s exposure to Agent Orange and other chemicals during their service. This program will expand assistance to those with the disability, helping with activities like cleaning the house, bathing, cooking, and more.

“The children of Vietnam veterans are encouraged to take advantage of the benefits available to them due to their parent’s service, but many are unaware that these benefits exist,” said Indiana Congressman Jim Baird. The bill also develops a plan to contact those who are eligible to receive benefits.

It is estimated over 1,000 children of veterans suffer from spina bifida in the United States. The bill was introduced back in June by Congressman Baird. It passed unanimously.