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Gary Harrell Shooting

Source: IMPD YouTube / Indianapolis Metro Police

INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Metro Police have released body-camera video of the police shooting of Gary Harrell.

It was 9:40 a.m. on August 3rd when IMPD Officer Douglas Correll pulled over Gary Harrell, 49, on North Parker Avenue on the northeast side of Indianapolis.

The footage released by IMPD shows Harrell immediately get out of the car and start talking to Officer Correll, saying he just got out of jail. Harrell walks back to the car as Officer Correll tells him to not get back inside of his car.

Harrell gets in the car briefly, grabs his phone, and then quickly exits the car and starts running. IMPD points out several instances where it appears Harrell has a gun in his hand. That’s when Correll shouts ‘stop it, drop it’ and immediately shoots Harrell.

Gary Harrell was treated on scene and later taken to Methodist Hospital, where he passed away.

Harrell’s gun was fully loaded, says IMPD.

The shooting is under review through IMPD’s Critical Incident Response Team, IMPD’s Internal Affairs Unit and the Civilian-Majority Use of Force Board.

Reverend David Greene Sr. of Purpose of Life Ministries, along with Dr. Wayne Moore of Olivet Baptist Church, have released a statement criticizing IMPD Chief Randal Taylor and Officer Douglas Correll, “On behalf of the Baptist Minister’s Alliance and the Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis, we extend our deepest sympathy to the Harrell family in the tragic loss of Gary’s life. This great catastrophe of having another African American male being the victim of a Police Action Shooting has again struck in the city of Indianapolis. As African American males, as a fathers, and as community leaders for local African American males, this is an alarming tragedy that continues to happen locally and nationally. It appears that African American lives do not matter.

There continues to be a lack of consistency in how police action shootings take place in the city. The officer, Douglas Correll, involved in the shooting of Gary Harrell, was part of settlement of $380,000 of taxpayer dollars for his actions against Joshua Harris in 2020.”

Included in that statement are two links to information accusing Officer Correll of past wrongdoing. You can read the first here and the second here.

The Black Church Coalition also released a statement calling for United States Attorney Zachary Myers to begin an immediate federal investigation in to IMPD, as well as the termination of Officer Douglas Correll.

This is the latest statement from Indianapolis Metro Police: “Today the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department released the critical incident video involving the shooting death of Gary Harrell,” said Chief Taylor. “This release comes as a part of my commitment to transparency, and with the recognition of the tragic loss of Mr. Harrell and the lives impacted by this incident, including officers. It is crucial to have a thorough and complete investigation of what occurred during this incident before we come to any conclusions. At this point, this investigation is incomplete. I am asking for the public’s patience and trust as we investigate this thoroughly. My prayers remain with all involved,” said Chief.