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Tomi Lahren, host of “Tomi Lahren is Fearless” on Outkick, joined Hammer and Nigel Wednesday to discuss conversations the Left has swept under the rug.

Lahren talks about the cricket-silence from the media after the Nashville school shooting involving a transman.

“They don’t seem like they care too much about this at all. They’ve buried it, they’ve moved on …it was a targeted attack on Christians by a person who has a trans philosophy that’s been aided and embedded by everything that has come out of the Democratic party in the last three years…”

She goes on to note that the extreme Left focuses only on their narrative. If it’s not about a right-winged extremist, they’ll turn their focus on another part of their agenda.

Lahren says there is a common thread among recent mass shootings involving trans people and it needs to be addressed.

We need to have a discussion on what these hormones are doing to these people. And quite frankly, I’ve been saying this all week, I do believe trans people are victims. But they are not victims of Christians and Conservatives, they are victims of Big Pharma and the rainbow mafia who is exploiting them and their vulnerability to make money and to get social clout. And that’s what is really disgusting here and that’s where this conversation needs to head.”

Listen to the full conversation with Hammer and Nigel here:

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