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PARKE COUNTY, Ind. — If you’re a fan of all-day breakfast, you will certainly be excited about one upcoming event in Parke County.

The 2023 Parke County Maple Fair kicks off this weekend at The Parke County Fairgrounds in Rockville.  It will run from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Drone view of Parke County Courthouse, Rockville, Indiana

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Here, you can enjoy a pancake and sausage breakfast in honor of maple syrup season.  Various “sugar camps” around the county will also be open for you to visit, where you can get behind-the-scenes looks at how the food ultimately makes it to your table.

Visiting the camps is a way you can engage with the community and enjoy some of the county’s attractions, such as its many covered bridges.  You can get directions to the camps at The Parke County Fairgrounds.

Covered Bridge Interior

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Neysa Lyn, Executive Secretary at Parke County Incorporated, says the fair boosts the local economy and allows people to explore Rockville while learning about its history.  She also notes that everyone working at the event is actually volunteering, further developing a sense of community and allowing people to give back.

Main Street, Rockville, Indiana

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The festival will wrap up next weekend, March 4th-5th.  Tickets for the pancake and sausage breakfast will be available on-site at the fairgrounds.

Learn more here, or on the Parke County Indiana Facebook page.

The Parke County Fairgrounds

1472 North U.S. 41

Rockville, IN

Autumn Parke County, Indiana, Rockville Lake

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