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America loves Pickleball. America loves naked. Ergo, America will lovingly embrace the disturbing popularity of a nude twist on an old friend: Nude Pickleball.

What Is Pickleball?

Think tennis, plus ping-pong, plus paddle ball, plus Wiffle ball.

What Is Nude Pickleball?

Think all of the above, but pantless.

Fun Fact About Nude Pickleball: It’s mostly played by senior citizens, and not the kind that look like Christie Brinkley. No, they look more like this…

Fun Fact About Writing Articles Related To Nude Pickleball:  I found much better photos of nude picklers than that, but management said “no.”

Benefits of Playing Pickleball in the Nude:

  • No sweaty, clinging clothing to deal with.
  • The pleasurable feeling of the searing and unforgiving sun on your genitals.
  • The look of horror on the faces of your visiting grandchildren.

Mike Sullivan, USA Pickleball ambassador and a resident of Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee, Florida told “The Pickler” his community is excited about their upcoming July 4th pickleball tournament, which is called the “Clothing Independence Day Tournament.”

“We tell people, just bring your tennis shoes. We provide the paddles and the balls,” Sullivan said.

Larry Ford operates a nudist bed-and-breakfast resort in Bend, Oregon. He says visitors just love getting their naked pickleball on.

“A lot of people book here just to play nude pickleball.”

Okay, so clothing is optional. Now, what about masks?