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Breadsticks & Cheese sauce…my two favorite food groups! In some US restaurants, breadsticks are soft, frequently topped with butter and garlic and served as appetizers. Many places will offer marinara or an herbed-up EVOO for dipping.

basket of soft breadsticks

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How To Eat Like A Hoosier

I like to dunk my breadsticks into warm melted cheese. A question was tossed around at WIBC by our Executive Producer, Matt Hibbeln. Is eating breadsticks with cheese sauce just an Indiana thing?

An Indiana reddit poster said,

“My gf came to Indy for Thanksgiving this year and we were eating at a place with really good breadsticks and cheese sauce called Sunrise Cafe. After the meal my girlfriend, who has visited a few times, said that Indy is the only place she’s ever seen breadsticks eaten with cheese sauce. I thought there’s no way that’s true. But after looking into it breadsticks and cheese sauce seem to be an Indiana specific thing.”

INDYtoGNV added,

“When we moved to Florida last year I was STUNNED – no, DISMAYED – that there were no breadsticks and cheese combos to be found here.”

Scubakat15 stated,

“I moved to Houston from Indiana and breadsticks with cheese sauce is my absolute favorite….can’t find it anywhere here.”

man baking breadtsicks

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What Do The WIBC Hosts Say About Breadsticks?

I used to order breadsticks and cheese sauce from Noble Romans Pizza everyday during high school lunch. That was in southwest Ohio. However, Noble Roman’s began in the competitive restaurant environment on the campus at Indiana University. So, maybe this is an Indiana thing.

WIBC’s Tony Katz chimed,

“My people have been putting cheese on bread for decades now. True, it’s cream cheese on a bagel, but I don’t actually see a difference.”

Jason Hammer from the Hammer & Nigel Show on WIBC commented,

“The stuffed pepperoni breadsticks at Kilroy’s are better than crack!”

Best Places To Get Breadsticks In Indy

Foursquare City Guide created a list of the Top 15 places for breadsticks in Indy. Hammer was onto something. On the top of their list of best breadsticks in Indy is Kilroy’s.

Even at a young age, I knew my bread and cheese combo was a winner as Noble Roman’s slides into the second best spot for sticks in Indy.

Entering the list at number three for best Indy breadsticks is an eastside favorite, Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza.

Is there anything that you thought was “normal” but have come to realize is an Indiana specific thing?