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First Things First: Tuition costs at Yale University run approximately $55,500 per year.

Moving forward…

Pleased to present NYC psychiatrist Dr. Aruna Khilanani:

Doc Khilanani is based out of Manhattan where she helps clients to cope with their irrational choice to continue living in New York under a governor who has been accused of practically every vile thing except smelling bicycle seats.

Dr. Khilanani’s job is highly stressful, but she’s not the type to relax with a bottle of wine while streaming an 80s classic on Netflix. Yoga’s not really her thing either apparently. No, Dr. Khilanani prefers alternative methods for relaxation and stress relief. Her jam lately has been to kick back and enjoy a gruesome and satisfying fantasy about killing white people!

The American Medical Association has yet to recognize “Racially-Inspired Murderous Rage Fantasy” or RIMRF as a recommended treatment for patients suffering from clinically diagnosed hypertension, panic attacks, and/or depression, but Khilanani is a pioneer in her profession who is not afraid to lead the way! And as the great American entrepreneur and fellow sociopath Elizabeth Holmes once said: “First they think you’re crazy, then they fight you, and then all of a sudden you change the world.”

Khilanani’s heartfelt quest to push RIMRF therapy into the mainstream recently scored her an invitation to deliver remarks at the Yale School of Medicine’s Child Study Center, where she regaled her audience with uplifting fantasies of “unloading a revolver into the head of any white person” who dared to get in her way.

In the thrilling lecture, titled “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind,” Khilanani shared that she cut off most of her former white friends five years ago, adding there were “no good apples out there.”

Could RIMRF be right for you? Sadly, you will never know, fellow sufferer of stress. The snot-nosed elites of Yale University won’t allow us common folk to view the video of Ms. Khilanani’s groundbreaking lecture from April 6th, choosing instead to hog this life-changing therapy all to themselves.

Even more outrageous, the pompous self-important worms had the unmitigated gall to brag about it in a post to the Yale School of Medicine’s website: “We ultimately decided to post the video with access limited to those who could have attended the talk— the members of the Yale community.”

Fortunately, the full-time investigative staff at the Mock n’ Rob show managed to procure some highlight’s from Khilanani’s lecture. And unlike greedy Yale, we won’t charge you $55,500 for the “privilege” to hear it. Click below.