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FORTVILLE, Ind.–Two Fortville police officers rescued two kids from a house fire over the weekend.

It happened in the 9200-block of North County Road 400 West in Hancock County on Saturday. The Fortville Police Department says three officers responded to the home when they home heard about the fire at the two-story home.

Two of the officers, identified in a Facebook post by the department as Officer Kessinger and Officer Lockhart, forced their way inside the home after they were unable to determine if anyone was inside. They found two kids asleep in a bedroom upstairs. They woke them up and rushed them out of the home to safety, investigators say.

“Officer Kessinger and Lockhart’s quick actions and disregard for their own personal safety led to the rescue of 2 juveniles,” the department’s Facebook post read. “Their actions reflect great credit upon themselves and the Fortville Police Department.”

The Vernon Township Fire Department said the improper disposal of ashes from a wood-burning stove is what started the fire.