Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi accused reporters Wednesday of  “wasting your time on something…after the fact,” when asked if President Joe Biden’s sanctions strategy has failed. When can the adults take over the government again? The Biden presidency is an interesting, albeit painful phenomenon in our nation’s history. Joe Biden is quite possibly […]

Each year, dozens of celebrities and public figures around the globe pull the “Do you know who I am?” card. It is a ceremonial self-declaration of being an a*hat that is rooted in rich tradition. Sadly, this ritual of pompous performance is commonly conducted in a semi-private setting between two people: a**hat and recipient of […]

Get the popcorn and Jujubes ready! Biden’s got a State of the Union address to deliver! Next Tuesday, March 1st, in the two-thousand twenty-second year of our Lord, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. will shuffle his way to the podium and attempt to coherently read entire sentences from a teleprompter. Here’s an exciting preview of what’s to come: […]

A nursing home administrator recently made a 94-year-old resident’s day by taking her snow tubing in the facility’s parking lot. Check it out: Check that one off the bucket list. Next up, sky diving!

Long before Joe Biden became President and destroyed the country, he was a man full of predictions. Throughout his entire campaign, Biden assured the American people that with him at the helm, the Coronavirus pandemic would come to an end. The economy would be “back,” and “back” by a completely vague, non-specific, and totally subjective […]

The great William Shakespeare once wrote that ‘brevity is the soul of wit.’ Simply put: clever people can express intelligent things using very few words. And then there is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez… AOC is a miracle. She can speak for astonishing lengths of time and say absolutely nothing even REMOTELY intelligent. It’s really quite extraordinary! Observe […]

Cable news host and Matthew Broderick doppelganger Rachael Maddow made the thrilling announcement Monday that she is taking a hiatus from her inexplicably popular show on MSNBC for “several weeks.” Maddow will use the time to work on a new podcast for NBCUniversal and a film project with Ben Stiller. Loyal viewers of Maddow’s nightly […]

WWT World Champion MEGA MONDO learned a hard lesson Sunday night: WIBC superstar and “All Indiana Bets” co-host Jason Hammer is in no one’s corner but his own. MEGA MONDO took on WWT Continental Champion Xzandyr Devil in a title vs. title match broadcast live Sunday on the “Wrestle With This” channel. Hammer, making his […]

President Joe Biden took another giant stride forward Monday in fulfilling his pledge to “bring Americans together” by referring to Fox News reporter Peter Doocy as “a stupid son of a bitch.”   The President made the inspiring remark following a speech about the nation’s uncontrollable rate of inflation. Biden, blissfully unaware that his mic […]

What constitutes art? And what qualifies one as an artist? Monet, Picasso, and Michelangelo are lauded by art historians for exhibiting their majestic gifts through the creation of visually stunning sculptures and paintings. Bach and Mozart are praised for their ability to craft musical compositions that are nothing less than Godlike in their brilliance. Hunter […]