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The head of the Federal Security Service’s secret chemical laboratories, Colonel-General Eduard Chernovoltsev, has been removed for criticising the war in Ukraine. A source told independent media The Insider that Chernovoltsev had previously lived in Kyiv and was unhappy about the war which started in February. He ‘greatly regretted the start of the military operation […]

An hourglass that was used in the classic film “The Wizard of Oz” sold for nearly half a million dollars at an auction. Heritage Auctions describes the hourglass as being “the most recognizable signature prop from the film,” noting that it was used in the scene in which the witch tells Dorothy: “You see that? […]

Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited the White House yesterday, during his first trip out of Ukraine since the war against Russia began. Zelenskyy and President Joe Biden held a joint press conference, where Zelenskyy thanked Biden and American’s in general for their support during the war. President Biden also promised the continued support of the […]

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the US on Wednesday, where he was hosted by President Joe Biden at the White House and gave a speech before a joint meeting of Congress. It was his first visit to the US since Russia invaded Ukraine in February. During his speech, Zelensky thanked U.S. lawmakers for sending military […]

President Biden has admitted there will be more southern border crossings once Title 42 ends, and has asked the Supreme Court for more time to phase out the provision.   During the COVID-19 pandemic, protocols were put in place to keep out and immediately deport illegal aliens. President Biden’s request to maintain those protocols for […]

Republican leadership is collaborating with Chuck Schumer and the Democrats to push a new omnibus spending bill. Fox Business reported on the government spending bill Tuesday, stating that “Federal budget experts and lawmakers were scrambling to digest the giant, $1.7 trillion spending bill lawmakers released Tuesday morning, but early assessments confirm that the bill is […]

According to projections made by economic analysts, there is a 70% chance that the US will experience another recession in 2023. This comes after the Federal Reserve increased interest rates. The hikes in interest rates caused economists to slash their demand forecasts and trim their inflation projections. New projections show that companies in the US […]

A Los Angeles jury found former Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein guilty of rape on Monday. During the trial which lasted weeks, eight women testified that Weinstein either raped or sexually assaulted them – four alleged that these incidents occurred between 2004 and 2013, the other four women’s claims did not result in formal charges. […]

The US Supreme Court issued a temporary hold on ending Title 42 today, after the federal appeals court in Washington D.C ruled President Biden could end the policy as early as Wednesday. Title 42 allows the US Border Patrol and US Customs and Border Protection to prohibit the entry and expel persons who have previously […]

Many pharmacies across the nation are currently experiencing a shortage of medicine to treat cold and flu symptoms as the number of flu cases keep rising. JR Pharmacy at Baeslar’s Market in Terre Haute is one of the many pharmacies that is facing shortages of certain medicines. Amoxicillin, Zithromax, Tamiflu, and some over-the-counter antibiotics seem […]