Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

The Biden Administration is at it again- lying to the American people. Biden’s team has been known to twist words, bend the truth, distract with shiny objects, but lying to the American people is the most insulting. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made it abundantly clear the White House is out of touch with […]

Biden Madness 2.0 is on a roll now! Unfortunately, after Tuesday’s results, Nigel’s favorite Biden-ism “get ready BAL” was defeated by this new contender. It’s onto the next round, and this one is sure to be a nail bitter. We have an obliviously racist Biden up against a potentially another racist Biden moment. #10. KAJAN […]

It may only be spring training, but Major League Baseball is making some major rule changes. The MLB is implementing a 15 and 20 second pitch clock for players. The clock will hang high on the backstop behind the hitter, counting down the number of seconds the pitcher has to throw the ball. Similar to […]

Another day, another Biden-sim as Biden Madness 2.0 continues! Day four, both contestants brought their best; however, it was another landslide as Biden’s TRUEINNERNATIONALDAPRESSURE advances. Today we bring you two Biden clips that will cause both confusion and laughter (what’s new.) #12 Cut My Head Off. A fairly new Biden comment that is making the […]

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been known to take complete 180’s on his COVID recommendations and theories. For instance, he started the pandemic by discouraging mask wearing to quickly becoming one of the mask mandates biggest advocates. He has also denied suggesting lockdowns, only to take credit for them later. It has now come to light […]

We’re starting off the week right with a sad, yet hilarious round of Biden Madness 2.0!  Friday’s successor may have been the highest rated clip yet: Today’s contestants. #11 Vaxxed Hurricane. This is a moment when Biden was wanting everyone to be prepared and responsible before a big hurricane- which of course is getting a […]

We’re getting started now! Biden Madness 2.0 kicked-off this week! Here at the Hammer and Nigel show we celebrate March Madness a little differently, and frankly sometimes more entertaining. Check out how to play along here  Here’s the winning Biden-isms so far: # 4 SEED: Biden beautifully describing America in a single word, or several […]

It’s that time of year again! The sun is back out, warmer temperatures are creeping in, and the brackets have been filled. You’ve heard of March Madness, but have you ever played BIDEN MADNESS? That’s right, we are bringing you a brand-new batch of Biden-isms to compete in another round of Biden Madness. Alright corn […]

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost her bid for a second term Tuesday. Paul Vallas, a public-school chief and Brandon Johnson, a local county commissioner beat out Lightfoot to continue into the runoff election in April. This is the first time in over 30 years a Mayor of Chicago has lost a re-election. Lightfoot told reporters […]

Creepy Uncle Joe is baaaacckkk! Only President Biden can make a speech about thanking nurses incredibly cringey, and that he did. During a healthcare event Tuesday in Virginia Beach, Biden went off-script to give what was supposed to be a heartfelt memory of a time a nurse made him feel comfortable while sick. Biden recalls […]