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A college town can be the secret sauce that makes your university experience memorable. When students embark on the quest for their ideal school, they often weigh a myriad of factors. Chiefly, things like the big picture costs, the campus vibe, the amenities, the academic prowess, and the pulse of student life all come under […]

WWE fans really made their presence felt at WWE Fastlane this past Saturday night. The event took place at Indianapolis’ Gainbridge Fieldhouse, marking the city’s return to WWE premium live events after a seven-year hiatus since WWE Clash of Champions. In a press release from WWE that dropped on Monday, it was revealed that this […]

Americans are absolutely smitten with sports, no doubt about it! Whether they’re cheering from the bleachers or lounging on their trusty couches, catching live sports remains a cherished national pastime. Reviews.org decided to tackle the question of how Americans are satisfying their game-day cravings this year. 70% of Americans are getting their sports fix, and […]

In our fast-paced world, sleep often takes a back seat to our daily responsibilities and commitments. Research shows if you don’t get enough dozing, you actually function as if you’ve had two or three drinks of alcohol. A century ago, the average person enjoyed a luxurious 12 hours of sleep per night. However, over the […]

You can tell a language is doing well when it’s constantly coming up with new words, borrowing from other languages, and giving old words new meanings. Based on the latest research: English is in great shape! However, if you have an older dictionary, as in older than today, it’s out of date. Merriam-Webster has announced […]

Hard cider is having a moment in the United States. There is an impressive cidery in Indy! With more people exploring beyond traditional beers, cider has emerged as a crowd-pleaser. The American Cider Association reports an impressive 1,000+ hard cideries scattered across the nation. These cider creators are bringing fresh apple magic to the table, […]

Indianapolis is setting the real estate market on fire, with properties flying off the shelves at record speeds. According to recent data from Redfin, a whopping 58.7% of homes in the Indianapolis area listed found buyers within a mere two weeks. These stats put Indianapolis as 3rd hottest real estate market in the country behind […]

The history of apple cultivation in the United States is as rich and diverse as the apple varieties themselves. The first apple orchard was planted near Boston’s Beacon Hill in 1965. Since then apples have played an essential role in American agriculture and culture. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find over 20,000 apple growers […]

As I create this article, it’s a picture-perfect sunny day in Indianapolis. However, as summer draws to a close, the anticipation of fall excites some. Others desperately cling to the warmth of the season. A recent study delved into American cities to identify the ideal and less ideal destinations for summer enthusiasts. The review considered […]

The Ohio State football team is heading to South Bend to take on the undefeated, Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The game is on primetime television at 7:30 p.m ET Saturday. WE’RE HEADED TO THE SHOWDOWN IN SOUTH BEND 🙌 The Buckeyes will meet the Fighting Irish on Saturday and we can’t wait to be there! […]